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TikTok has got another trend called the “Y/N” trend on the app and it’s going viral everywhere. Though it isn’urgloans.com new to find one or the other trend going viral on the app. However, some of the trends do make users curious like this Y/N trend. As they are trying to know more about this trend and know its meaning.

Read ahead to know more about the Y/N trend going viral on TikTok.

TikTok finds another viral trend as the Y/N trend

TikTok over the years grew into a really popular app. As more and more users joined the app. The trends and challenges on the app began to grow as a result we got to see so many trends on the app. Not just that, the trends going popular on the app were not just dancing or lip sync trends. But even errors and glitches went on to become popular.

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A similar happened recently when the Y/N trend became popular on the app. While lots of videos came under this trend. Some of the users were confused about the trend. While some began searching for the origin of the trend along with its meaning.

Who is Y/N on TikTok and what’s making it go popular?

In the viral Y/N trend on TikTok, we can find videos having short clips of movies or celebs with the abbreviation Y/N. While some made videos giving reactions to film using the phrase Y/N. But in case, you think that Y/N is a person, then certainly it’s not and the abbreviation stands for Your Name.

However, for all those who are trying to find where this trend began from then, it is believed to be about 10 years old phrase. That went popular on Twitter, Tumblr, Wattpad, and more. The phrase has just found its new craze back again this year and the hashtag of it has been viewed more than 10 billion times.

Users’ reaction to the Y/N trend of TikTok

No doubt users of TikTok are always looking forward to having one or the other trend to try. Hence, they found this Y/N trend to be good as well. Though some of them were confused about the meaning of the trend. Some made videos on the hashtag of the trend.

In fact, on Twitter, we had users reacting to the trend. As some had a hilarious reaction to the trend because they had to explain the meaning of the trend to their friends who didn’urgloans.com know about the trend.

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