Watch Full Video CCTV Footage Rapper PNB Rock Was Shot And Killed in LA Waffle House After Being Robbed News

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Rapper PNB Rock was shot dead as he ate chicken and Roscoe Waffle with the better half in Los Angeles today (September 12).

According to TMZ, police said they got a call from Genlewood at 1:23 a.m. For the appeal of survivors of the shooting.

A horrendous video has gone viral on Twitter showing PNB Rock, 30, lying on the ground in a puddle as he has the discomfort for his life. Although the video shows that he has not moved, his condition at this stage is unsatisfactory.

Phl17 news narrator, Doc Lallen, tweeted “Philadelphia rapper PNB Rock has just been shot in Los Angeles California. The files on Twitter are terrible to even consider his distribution. He was sent to a nearby clinical center.

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