Watch: Asian Doll Fighting Video Goes Viral on Twitter


Watch: Asian Doll Fighting Video Goes Viral on Twitter – Hello friends, back again with the admin who will share viral news or the latest news that is viral and trending in 2022.Asian Doll Fighting Vide now seems nervous after her video went viral and received hurtful comments from online users. According to sources, the woman was wearing a diamond necklace from Asia at the pool party and later bonded with her followers. Witnesses began recording the incident after seeing the woman and the Asian doll fighting. After the viral success of this video, many people mocked the Asian man for hitting the woman.

Asians and women who tried to take the necklace also testified about what happened. The rapper doesn’t seem to be on her side. Let’s talk about what really happened with Asian Doll.

In POPULAR VIDEO, Asian doll fights with woman.

When the video went viral, many people mocked the Asian man for humiliating and abusing the woman. In the statement, the woman also admitted that she returned and admitted that she only tried to touch the artist while imagining him doing it. An Asian doll says a woman tried to steal her diamond necklace, and the video shows the Asian woman punching the woman as she approaches her. Many people supported the rapper, but many more supported the woman who wanted to take pictures with Asians.

Although there are two sides to this story, most people believe that the woman was not trying to grab the chain.

Why did Asian pop come about?

As the two talk, security intervenes and the girls are separated as a result. The Asian was then taken to a waiting car. After admitting on the internet that he was trying to take a selfie. The Asian teased her by calling her a fake Dior girl. A woman who wears Dior.

The Asian man insulted the woman in his tweets using insults and insults. He tried to remove the diamond necklace he was wearing at the time. After the video was widely shared, it gained instant notoriety online.


Watch: Asian Doll Fighting Video Goes Viral on TwitterAs the video became popular, more people tweeted about it. Many others mocked women and Asians on Twitter. Watch the video

Someone tried to take the Asian doll’s necklace, according to one of the Instagram users who shared the video. A Twitter user responded to the Asian woman’s post by saying that it’s not okay to laugh at her and sometimes move on. Another person said the party looked strange and the necklace was not stolen. Some of them suggested that the girl had become a target and the Asian woman was just trying to attract the attention of online users. Who is right in this case is not clear.

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