Viral! New Link Full Video Bağcılar Annesinin Kafasını Kesti Video – Viral! New Link Full Video Bağcılar Annesinin Kafasını Kesti Video

Hello, full video viral message Bağcılar cut off his mother’s head Video, video on twitter bagcilar cut off his mother’s head.

Nih administrators will provide the latest information on this virus report when there is a central update. Sansur beheaded his mother while watching a video on Twitter.

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So here is the uncensored twitter footage of his mother cutting off her head which is one of the most talked about stories by all the netizens.

And below is a detailed description of finding the information above in this article. Sansur beheaded his mother by watching a video on Twitter.

He severed his mother’s head while watching a drunken Twitter video without investigation

A decision was made to ban the publication of photos of the murder, where the drug-addicted man cut off his mother’s head and threw her on the street. 3 people who shared the photos were arrested, watch the full video at the top of the story.

In a written statement by the Istanbul Police on this topic, during the event that took place in the area of ​​Fevzi Akmak, H. Because of S. (age 58), Tahhyun (age 26) died from wounds and moved to the area. movie.

While examining the horse, it was discovered that a drunken woman named HS had died, and while examining it, one of them set fire to the house. During the investigation, it was discovered that the suspect named As is the daughter of the murdered woman, and that the suspect is on the run due to mental illness and panic.

The police arrested the suspects at the scene of the incident and they are being referred to the court for further investigation. According to the statement of the governor of Istanbul, the man who brutally killed A. S. was H.’s mother. Fevzi Akmak was arrested by Ba Spongeler district police. He lives at the age of 26 on the first floor of the 3rd floor in Fevzi Akmak district 2005, H Street S (58) cut off his mother’s head after begging for many years.

h. The body of S. was taken to Feronics Medical Institute morgue after the police investigation, for those who want to get the latest news on many topics, please see below.

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The Twitter handle cut off his mother’s head

While watching an uncensored Twitter video, he beheaded his mother. Above are the key words and links, please open them all guys.

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