Thetan Arena 340 APK + MOD [Map Hack] Download for Android

Thetan Arena MOD APK is a casual multiplayer game where you show your talent by engaging in MOBA battles. Let’s choose your favorite character and get into intense battles now to feel the excitement that this game brings. First, let’s learn more about this game.

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Presentation about Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena – Fight and roll in intense MOBA battles

Don’t ignore the theme of Thetan Arena if you are looking for an attractive MOBA on mobile. Accordingly, this game combines many different game modes, accompanied by teamwork and a diverse character system. As a result, you can make use of all the available items to show your fighting skills and win against your opponent quickly. Moreover, publisher Wolffun Pte Ltd also provides plenty of other interesting content waiting to be discovered. Download this game through Google Play or on the APK link at the bottom of the article to play now.

Combination of fighting skills and teamwork

The common feature of MOBA games is that they require good teamwork to win. Thetan Square is no exception. This game is inspired by the endless struggle between different factions. Players will team up with like-minded teammates to engage in relentless battles.

Here, you will have to show skilled fighting skills to defeat as many opponents as possible in each level. At the same time, this game includes several main modes with different contents. We’ll cover these modes in more detail below. In addition, the control mechanism of the game is relatively easy to understand with virtual keys appearing on the screen. Thus, players can easily manipulate from the first time.

Unlock characters with different skills

The variety of the character system in Thetan Arena is also great. Accordingly, this game allows players to easily access many characters with completely different skills and appearance. Each hero will have a normal attack skill and two special skills. You will have to dig through the information about each skill to find the most effective way to level it up in combat. If you wish, alternate characters in each battle to always have a fun experience.

Unique game modes

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As mentioned earlier, Thetan Arena includes several game modes with different modes of operation for players to choose freely. Here is information about some of the main game modes of this game:

Battle Royale: As the name suggests, you will do whatever it takes to be the last survivor in a 42-player battle. You can choose to play alone or with another teammate.

Deathmatch: Team up with 4 players and battle other opponents in traditional PvP battles.

Superstars: All players have a common goal of collecting the first star to win.

Tower Destruction: The mechanics of this mode are consistent with how regular MOBA games work. Coordinate well with your surrounding teammates to destroy the enemy base as quickly as possible.

Trading NFT items

What distinguishes Thetan Arena from traditional MOBAs in today’s mobile game market is that it allows players to collect and trade NFT items. This is a new trend in the gaming market and it has been applied to this game with great success.

You need to play the game long enough to be able to redeem the NFT rewards and put them up for sale for real money. However, making cryptocurrency is not easy at all because it requires the patience of players and many other factors. You should focus on the exciting MOBA battles instead of thinking about the NFT items you will get when playing the game.

Fantastic 3D graphics

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The graphics quality of Thetan Arena makes us satisfied from the first time we enjoy it. The way the game’s graphics develop mainly revolves around beautiful cartoon characters. Players will see their hero warriors in fun style but still show off their inherent strength. At the same time, the battlefield in the game is very diverse with built-in futuristic contexts. It would be a mistake not to mention the sound system of this game as it works very well and contributes greatly to providing an enjoyable experience for the players.

How to install Thetan Arena

Step 1: Download the version (APK or MOD) of Thetan Arena from

Step 2: Open Unknown Sources on your mobile device.

Step 3: Start to install Thetan file.

Step 4: Complete the installation process, the “Thetan Arena” logo icon will appear on the screen. Click the icon to try the game right away.

Download Thetan Arena MOD APK For Android

Overall, Thetan Arena is a free MOBA that is suitable for many players at the moment. Although it still brings intense tactical elements, players will partially feel the fun when participating in the battles. Join the game to compete with other players around the world now.

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