Smiling-X Corp MOD APK 3.6 (Ad-Free) for Android

You are a person who loves horror movies and stories. And if you are looking for a horror game to satisfy your hobby, Smiling-X Corp It will be a good choice that you should not ignore. Smiling-X Corp is an adventure type game. Smiling-X Corp. is also known as the Devil within Studio Smiling-X: The Scary Game. In the game, you will help your teammate to escape from the horror studio. This will be very difficult for you. Let’s get involved with Smiling-X Corp and give it a try now.

Scary graphics and sound

Smiling-X Corp is a game created and presented by IndieFist Horror Games. IndieFist Horror Games is a game developer in Valencia, Spain. They make creepypasta horror games and stories with funny jumping games. Smiling-X Corp is available on both Google Play and the App Store. So you can install the game on mobile devices running on Android and iOS operating systems. Smiling-X Corp is also supported on tablets such as the iPad. The game is completely free to download and is for one player only.

Besides, the 3D graphics are very smooth. In the game, you will see a well-equipped office. From a table, chair, and computer to a document shelf and file cabinet…Moreover, the image of the devil characters is designed to be extremely frightening with bloodshot eyes, a long nose and lots of teeth. This makes Smiling-X Corp even more fearful. In particular, the game also allows you to set up a light effect. It will make the game more lively. In addition, the sound of the game is very lively. You will hear footsteps when you or the characters move. Moreover, the background music in the game will make the atmosphere around you even more terrifying. And if you are in a public place and do not want to affect others, you can lower the volume in the game settings.

Smiling X Corp 0 . screen

Escape the studio at Smiling-X Corp

In the game, you wake up in a dark studio suddenly after shutting down your computer. And all your teammates are working nonstop with dangerous hypnosis programs. So your main task is to save your teammate and escape from here by solving different puzzles. To help you do that, the game always provides some tutorials for you. For example, you should close these curtains and try not to find out if you want to open the door and go out. Or if you can find a coin, you can grab a coffee. Besides, there are many smiling faces in the studio. But you shouldn’t see them. If you see them, you will be hypnotized.

Smiling X Corp 3 screen

In addition, the game also allows you to craft special weapons to defeat the boss. Make a bomb to destroy the office. This will help you hack part of your boss’s plan. Moreover, you will face and fight many terrifying enemies and strange characters such as a secretary or a security guard… Each character will have its own abilities. The secretary can patrol and alert your location. In particular, the secretary can also attack you at a certain level. This will be a great challenge for you. Pay attention to everything or any character to escape from the studio more easily.

Smiling X Corp 1 screen

Some of the features you will find

In order to make Smiling-X Corp more attractive, the publisher has created many interesting features in Smiling-X Corp. There are 3 features in the game that you can find. The first feature is the decorative form. The game gave you two numbers. Eric San and the Hunter. Each character has its own abilities. With Erich Sann, you can buy this collectible figure and use it in the game to attack the boss. But The Hunter will help you get 30 seconds of invisibility every five minutes. In particular, you will have to spend real money to purchase decorative figures. So be careful when buying it.

Removing ads is the second feature in the game. Watching ads can be very uncomfortable while playing. It will take less time. For this reason, the publisher allows you to remove ads at Smiling-X Corp. Additionally, there are up to 15 different languages ​​at Smiling-X Corp. These languages ​​include English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Polish, Italian, Turkish, Hindi, Japanese and Bengali. It helps a lot of players in the world better understand how to play and complete the game missions. English will be the default language. And if you want to change another language, open Settings and select the language you want to use in the Language section. This is also the last feature of Smiling-X Corp – support for a lot of languages.

Smiling X Corp 2 screen

Be the best horror game of 2021

With attractive gameplay, players will find a way to escape from the ghost studio. Smiling-X Corp has attracted over 1 million players on Google Play. At the same time, the game will also help you to improve your ability to think about different puzzles. Besides, there will be two game modes in Smiling-X Corp that you can choose and play. Play story mode and run quests. In Play Story Mode, you can choose the difficulty when playing. There are 4 difficulties in Smiling-X Corp. Ghost, Easy, Normal, and Extreme. Each difficulty has its own advantage. But it will also have its own drawbacks. For example, the manager and the secretary cannot hear and see you at the level of ghosts. But you will see an ad when you play. Or at the normal level, the coach can hear the sounds, see you and run fast. At the same time, the secretary will begin to patrol and alert your location. But you can use blinds to prevent detection. In addition, with Play Missions Mode, you will have to complete a mission to beat a level and unlock the new one. Moreover, the game does not require internet connection while playing. So, you can run Smiling-X Corp whenever you want without worrying about Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. Let’s install Smiling-X Corp and experience the fun things that the game will bring you.