PUBG Mobile APK 2.1.0 for Android

The world-famous shooting title made a great introduction to the mobile platform. Now you can enjoy playing your favorite Battle Royale games directly on your Android devices anytime and anywhere. Find out more about this great game with our review.

a story

In PUBG Mobile, players participate in a competition of survival where more than 100 players from all over the world are collected and dropped into a deserted place. You’ll be surrounded by what we call a “survival loop”, where the health of everything that stays outside slowly drops. There are no escapes from here.

You have to make use of your skills and equipment collected to survive while fighting against other players in a survival match. Defeat them and become the only survival on the map. Raise your rank as you get better results.

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Here in PUBG Mobile, you will have opportunities to immerse yourself in very exciting and exciting FPS experiences. Fight alone and take down every opponent standing in your way, or join teams and take part in epic team battles. Check out all the great features that the game has to offer.

The official PUBG mobile game for mobile platforms

Get ready to experience the original PUBG gameplay with the official PUBG Mobile game from Tencent. Stop wasting your time with PUBG scammers and start enjoying the real PUBG game with this game.

Join 99 other players and parachute onto a deserted island in a survival competition. Deploy and collect weapons, ammo, gears, and supplements to help you take down opponents. Get ready for tons of exciting action and fun situations in PUBG Mobile.

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Enhanced touch controls

To make it more comfortable for players to enjoy their PUBG Mobile experiences, the game features enhanced touch controls where you can easily control your characters using convenient tap commands and gestures. You will feel more comfortable playing on a PC, especially with the portable feature.

Lots of accessible weapons

Here in PUBG, you will have access to all the weapons available in PUBG, which include guns, grenades, and even bows and arrows. Quickly locate them when you fall from your parachute, and take down your opponents while looting epic weapons from them.

And if you’re more of a melee fighter, there are also dozens of different weapons to choose from, including a basketball racket, sickle, and frying pan. Use them to smash your opponent in the head. You’ll be surprised to know how much damage you can handle.

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Useful tools and items to help you survive

In the add-ons, players are also given equipment and items that can help them survive attacks. However, be sure to collect the helmet and armor quickly to help you withstand the damage caused by your opponents.

And when your health drops drastically, it would be a good idea to get yourself some bandages, first aid, pain relievers, and energy drinks to boost your health again.

Drive in patterns as you jump on different vehicles

Here in PUBG Mobile, players are introduced to many different vehicles that they can ride and drive anywhere. It is severe when you avoid the closing loop. If you are more interested in killing people, you can hunt down your opponents and beat them.

However, be sure to stay alert because traveling with vehicles would generate large amounts of noise, allowing your opponents to notice you. Plus, you should collect enough gas for your ride.

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Face individual challenges

The game features a single mode where the player will face 99 enemies in a fight for themselves. Whoever wins gets all the prizes and only losers are destined to die. Embrace different gameplay styles as you attack and defeat each enemy with your exceptional fighting skills, or revolve around collecting merchandise and avoiding conflict so you can make it to the last rounds.

Fight enemies with your teammates

And if you want to enjoy the game with your friends, you can form your own team for team challenges where you and your teammates will face other teams from all over the world. Stay connected and come up with effective strategies that can help you win the match. Take down every enemy within sight and give support to your teammates whenever they need it. Take different tactics to help you win the competition.

Enjoy the fair gaming environment

For many gamers, hacking issues are always a major drawback of online games. With PUBG Mobile, players are protected with regular updates that always get rid of any exploits. Powerful anti-fraud mechanisms also make sure that all suspicious activities are detected and dealt with. You can also report players that you think are cheating in the game and have them permanently banned.

free to play

The game is currently free to play, so any player interested in Battle Royale games can access it. All you have to do is access the Google Play Store, download and install the game without any charges. Then you can start enjoying this amazing game.

Picture and sound quality

The game features amazing graphics and sound quality, which will make you feel like you are completely lost in the world of PUBG. The environment and character designs are very realistic thanks to the powerful Unreal Engine 4. Enjoy detailed and vivid visual effects while taking on challenges in PUBG Mobile.

In addition, players who want to experience the most immersive sounds can be satisfied with the amazing 3D sound effects. Combined with 7.1 channel surround sound, you can hear exactly where bullets or grenades are coming from. This is very important for an FPS game where you have to know the direction of the sound to locate the enemies.

Download PUBG Mobile latest 2.2.0 Android APK

With its amazing gameplay, PUBG Mobile is definitely a great Battle Royale game for your Android devices.