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Video Iñaki Angulo Chiringuito

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Josep Pedrerol did not hesitate to contradict the iñaki angulo twitter, comments of journalist Iaki Angulo, who claimed on his YouTube channel that the.

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Atresmedia presenter threatened Vinicius after iñaki angulo chiringuito, his agent, Pedro Bravo, said: “If you take off the video, we will ruin you in the show.”

All of this came when the news aforementioned agent went iñaki angulo pedrerol, to the area offered by the Catalan journalist and, in the dispute over whether the Real Madrid player should dance after scoring.

A disagreement that lasted until Tuesday, when Josep Pedrerol, the program’s Twitch channel’s host, rejected Angulo’s statements and said that “we are drafting a criminal Iñaki Angulo Chiringuito case against the one who has labeled us gangsters.”

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The aforementioned journalist then remarked that “We’ll get there; it’s a good thing we’re going to court for this. Whether or whether this program is incorrect, it never threatens; we shall iñaki angulo podcast, demonstrate that we have not threatened Vinicius “.

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