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Link Asu Viral Video Multicultural Center Twitter

Students worked for more than six years to create a multicultural area at ASU that offered recruiting and retention services for students from underrepresented groups.

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Members of the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition, a non-University affiliated student organization leading the charge, thought their long-standing request had finally been met when ASU announced a commitment to establish multicultural spaces on each of its four main campuses, among 24 other initiatives, in Fall 2020.

However, the delivery of the multicultural center on the Tempe campus has been marred by disjointed intentions and minimal communication regarding the space from ASU to its community. On September 23, an incident in the space was videotaped and shared to MSC’s Instagram, exposing these difficulties .

The video shows Sarra Tekola and Mastaani Qureshi, MSC leaders and champions for the space, confronting two white students in the newly created room, one with a computer displaying a “police lives matter” sticker and the other sporting a shirt that stated “Didn’ t vote for Biden.”

The video, which was removed from MSC’s account but has since been republished, has been seen millions of times and sparked heated emotions throughout the country.

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“We feel that inclusion entails making venues safer for the most disenfranchised students,”We see ‘blue lives matter’ as an unambiguous rejection of the Black Life Matter movement and hence an open danger to Black lives.”

We will not permit persons visiting the new multicultural centers with racist slogans in order to frighten and provoke historically and presently oppressed pupils.”

Students engaged in the facility’s design have harshly criticized the University’s execution of their ideas for the area.

Tempe Dean of Students Cassandra Aska, however, stated that the room is incomplete for a reason: those dialogues are still taking place.

According to documents obtained by The State Press , student organizations requested a constitution and governing board for the space, neither of which were in place at the time of the event.

And Tekola, Qureshi, and Miriam Araya, who was also present in the room during the video, might face disciplinary action as a result of the event.

Link Asu Viral Video Multicultural Center Twitter

On the day of the conflict, MSC students, including Tekola, were meeting with ASU officials and others to discuss the multicultural space’s governing parameters.

Tekola got a message from Araya, co-president of the Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA) and a member of MSC, during the meeting.

Araya was in a BGSA study group in the multicultural room when she texted Tekola images of two white pupils. She said they utilized “nonverbal aggressions,” such as turning their laptops toward her and gesturing to her “as though they were attempting to attract my attention.”

She stated that the pupils she was studying with felt uneasy and began to depart. Araya was eventually the only one from the group remained in the space.

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After three student leaders of color received death threats following a viral confrontation with two white students, Arizona State University students and community advocates are demanding that university leaders do more to protect students of color, publicly condemn white supremacy, and take meaningful steps to provide a student-led multicultural center.

The requests were made during a news conference on the Tempe campus Tuesday afternoon, following an incident on Sept. 23 in which three leaders of the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition approached two students who were in the space. One was wearing a T-shirt that said ” Did Not Vote For Biden,” while another had a “Police Lives Matter” sticker on his laptop.

The partially filmed altercation went viral, with conservative and right-wing media and MPs sharing portions of the tapes.

Sarra Tekola, a PhD candidate and activist with Black Lives Matter Phoenix Metro, and Mastaani Qureshi, a student leader, were seen addressing the two white students in the viral video. Mimi Arayya, who is also promoting a doctorate at ASU, was there that day in the multicultural center. Two white classmates, she claimed, taunted her.

Qureshi stated that she has received hundreds of rape, murder, and lynching threats on social media and in their email inbox since the incident. Qureshi stated that she does not feel secure walking around school alone and has been verbally abused.

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