Get to know the source of flavonoids, to maintain a healthy body

Get to know the source of flavonoids, to maintain a healthy body — Flavonoids are compounds that have many benefits, including as antioxidants to battle free radicals. It’s just that these compounds can’t be created by the body. You really want to consume foods or drinks that contain flavonoids.

Flavonoids are usually tracked down in plants, both in fruits and vegetables. Besides being useful as antioxidants, flavonoids can also assume a part in diminishing irritation, helping the body battle viral infections and unfavorably susceptible reactions, and even have anticancer properties. Sufficient admission of flavonoids can support body health and furthermore help strengthen immunity.

Flavonoids in Chocolate

Like green tea, chocolate or cocoa also contains flavonoids required by the body. Cocoa is remembered to help you increase the great cholesterol in your body and lower the terrible cholesterol. This is especially valid for those under 50 years old enough.

The substance of flavonoids in cocoa is also accepted to be really great for vein health and lowers circulatory strain in the body. But you should limit the consumption of chocolate, especially those that have been processed with added milk and sugar.

Flavonoids in Strawberries

In contrast to cocoa which has a bitter taste, strawberries have a fresh taste and will be a pleasant fruit to eat. As indicated by research, strawberries are one of the fruits with natural sources of antioxidants. The antioxidants in strawberries incorporate vitamin C and phenolic compounds, such as phenolic acids and flavonoids.

The flavonoids contained in strawberries are anthocyanins. This content can help the body in decreasing the risk of coronary heart assault. In addition to the several types of flavonoid sources above, other sources of flavonoids incorporate, lingonberries, persimmons, blueberries, rambutan, raisins, cherries, melon, raspberries, purple grapes and red grapes.

Flavonoids are also generally contained in vegetables, one of which is petai. Not just that, various herbaceous plants, including star anise, lempuyang and telang bloom, also contain elevated degrees of flavonoids. Healthy oils, including olive oil, are also high in flavonoid antioxidants.

Several types of foods that contain flavonoids above can be your decision to keep up with health. It is advisable to consult a specialist prior to consuming it. Likewise, if you experience an unfavorably susceptible response in the wake of eating these foods, you should quickly consult a specialist.

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