Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Sushi

There are tons of fun quests and activities to do in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can even meet a few familiar faces in the game, among them Ursula. Ursula will give you a number of missions that will increase your friendship level with her.

Once your friendship level reaches a certain point, it will then grant you the Magic Moments quest. In this mission, you will be tasked with cooking two meals, one of which is sushi.

In this guide, I will show you how you can make sushi in the game.

How to make sushi at Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

Upon accepting the assignment, you will then need to talk to Mother Grothel about the assignment. After the conversation, she will ask you to bring two pieces of food: one for sushi and one for a lobster roll. In this guide, we’ll only focus on sushi.

To start cooking, you have to gather the ingredients you need for the food. In order to make sushi, you will need rice and almost any type of fish. To get the rice you will need to buy rice from Goofy’s Trusty Cart which you can find at Glade of Trust.

Next, you want to plant the seeds in the soil and wait for them to grow before you can harvest them. In the meantime, head to a nearby pond to start fishing. Any fish will do, so you shouldn’t spend a lot of time trying to catch a particular fish.

Once the rice seed is fully grown, harvest it to get the rice. Next, head to the cooking pot or stove, add the ingredients, and then start cooking the sushi. You’ll need to cook two of them, and once you’re done, go back to Mother Grothel and give her the food.

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