Cookie Run Kingdom MOD APK 3.6.002 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Welcome to the world of cookies where the beautiful and peaceful residents of the Cookie Kingdom live in peace and harmony with each other. Their passion is to enjoy life and make more delicious cookies. But everything changes when evil monsters start lurking all over the kingdom to pray for the people of delicious cake.

Enjoy playing the game as the delicious and amazing cookie heroes from the kingdom, as you join forces to eliminate the enemies and restore peace to the world. Enjoy playing the addictive gameplay of cookie simulator as you build and take full control of your cookie kingdom. Enjoy addictive in-game actions with fun and interesting cookie heroes. Feel free to explore this unique game as you fully participate in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Learn more about this interesting mobile app from Devsisters Corporation and all its amazing features with our in-depth reviews.

story / gameplay

Here in Cookie Run Kingdom, Android players will find themselves completely fascinated by the unique world of cookie characters. With evil desert monsters trying to subdue the peaceful and harmless people, it’s time for the cookie heroes to take up their roles to defeat the enemies and banish them from the cookie world.

Enjoy addictive role-playing gameplay as you join your favorite cookie heroes in their attempts to defeat the enemies and unleash the awesome cookie powers. Enjoy playing the game with many unique characters, each with their own unique abilities. Build the perfect cookie teams and start endless in-game adventures.

Meanwhile, also enjoy playing this addictive cookie maker game, in which you have the freedom to design and create your own cookie kingdom. Take advantage of different designs and decorations to make your cookie kingdom look absolutely amazing. And feel free to double your fun in the game, with exciting online gameplay where you can have fun with friends.

Cookie Run Kingdom 3 screen


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Great and friendly gameplay for all players

With fun, simple and exciting gameplay, Cookie Run Kingdom allows all Android players to fully engage in epic role-playing experiences with cute and friendly game characters. Even candy monsters will look very interesting, as they come in different types and have their own unique designs that are scary but still cute. Not to mention, the indulgent gameplay will ensure that you can always enjoy your in-game experiences as much as you want.

For those of you who are interested, now you can enjoy playing this amazing Kingdom Builder game, where you have the freedom to build, design and decorate your own delicious and wonderful kingdom. Enjoy working with a variety of different buildings with different cookie designs and specific community uses. Build the city building quite easily using all the popular transportation options and don’t forget to expand your kingdom for more building spaces. Explore the different uses of the crafting features in Cookie Run Kingdom, which will allow you to collect resources and create all kinds of unique items with the help of certain buildings.

To make sure that Android players always share their sweet cookie town, Cookie Run Kingdom will offer its in-depth and unique features, where you can add all kinds of special gifts and design items to the different buildings. Therefore, it allows you to freely decorate your kingdom according to your heart’s content. Try different themes to match your interests, or follow the seasonal holiday to make your kingdom more like Christmas, Halloween, and more.

Cookie Run Kingdom 4 screen

Here in Cookie Run Kingdom, Android players are allowed to collect many different cookie characters, each with their own unique powers and abilities. Feel free to unlock all the characters within the game and start utilizing their assigned roles in battles to create the ultimate cookie team. Take your team of cookie heroes into battle and earn the glories of the kingdom. And don’t forget to hunt down the legendary cookie heroes, help them retrieve cookie gems, and let yourself reassemble the most powerful cookie squad that ever existed.

Enjoy epic in-game battles

Speaking of which, to allow players to enjoy other aspects of the game, Cookie Run Kingdom also features epic battles within the game, which will introduce you to the epic battle RPG simulation gameplay.

Here, you will enjoy joining the cookie teams on their epic journeys through the multiple worlds of the cookie world. Take on fun and interesting challenges, where you will face many enemies and enjoy the addictiveness within the game. Explore uses of power skills, interesting abilities, and other powers to give your cookie more power and better chances of winning matches.

Discover yourself against unique opponents with interesting fighting mechanics and enjoy powerful boss battles that guarantee great rewards. Multiple in-game challenges with many epic battles are sure to make you addicted to the game.

Feel free to customize your team when facing specific enemies and take advantage of their combined power to help you eliminate giant monsters. With the simple and attractive elements of the fighting simulator, players just have to choose their skills and unleash them while allowing the cookie warriors to fight on their own. This fast-paced fighting game with interesting combat animations will make you fully immersed in the action.

Cookie Run Kingdom 2 screen

Powerful boosters to take advantage of

Besides the unique powers and special abilities of the cookie heroes, Cookie Run Kingdom will now offer a variety of different boosters, which will allow you to unleash enormous power on enemies and give the team incredible boosts. Feel free to experiment with different cookie layers to give certain characters their own powers. Complete daily quests to get useful boosts and get ready for upcoming challenges.

Amazing role-playing stories

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the exciting gameplay of Cookie Run Kingdom with its amazing role-playing stories. Here, you can enjoy playing through RPG adventure stories, which will take you through 200 exciting levels within the game. With story-driven gameplay, animated stories, and continuous actions, you will find yourself fully connected to the entire experience. Feel free to engage in this amazing adventure to uncover the hidden stories of the past and learn about the fallen heroes of Cookie Run Kingdom. Try to bring glory to the kingdom while enjoying engaging stories through addictive gameplay.

Besides offline adventures, Cookie Run Kingdom players can now join their friends in various online cookie games. Here, feel free to join different servers around the world to join online players in the ultimate cookie fun. Enjoy exploring the awesome Guild Battle System with addictive PvP battles to make you truly satisfied. Battle online with real opponents to find yourself facing the challenge after a long time. Enjoy ranking battles to climb the leaderboards for great prizes and bragging rights with friends. Or enjoy playing Guild Battles where you can join forces and fight for a greater good. Enjoy connecting with friends, guild members and other players online in Cookie Run Kingdom to always stay engaged in the game.

The cookie world in Cookie Run Kingdom features many different worlds where you can take part in your epic explorations and enjoy different game modes.

Here, players can begin to enjoy playing World Exploration challenges, where they will explore the vast lands of the Cookie Run Kingdom and engage in their epic battles against vicious enemies. Take on the awesome cookie challenges in Super Mayhem mode with limited access to the Frozen Domain. Have fun putting your skills to the ultimate test with endless survival battles in tower challenges.

Find epic battles against real opponents in the Kingdome Arena where you will battle opponents in epic battles for glory. Discover the addictive guild battle where you will join your guild members in their exciting competitions against other guilds. Always keep an eye out for Today’s Bounty to get your free rewards.

Cookie Run Kingdom 1 screen

For those of you who are interested, you can now use interesting cookie costumes and decorations in Cookie Run Kingdom, which will allow Android players to build their dream cookie teams and decorate them accordingly. Have fun trying different outfits in certain themes for the heroes and don’t find yourself too impressed with their looks.

Available in different languages

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy this great mobile title Cookie Run Kingdom, which is also available in other languages ​​besides the default English. This will ensure that you can easily dive into the game and start exploring its features, even if English is not your native language. Here, the expansion options for the languages ​​of the game will make it much easier.

Sign in so you don’t lose your progress

To make sure you never lose your important in-game progress, you can choose to always sign in to the game using your social media accounts or Google Play to sync your in-game progress. Never play with your guest account as it will be deleted if you sign in from other devices or the game is deleted.

free to play

And despite all the exciting features, the game is still free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. All you need is to pick up the free app from the Google Play Store and start enjoying its features. Just keep in mind that the game will contain ads and in-game purchases that require real money to unlock.

Enjoy the modified game on our website

Therefore, if you want to get rid of ads and some in-game purchases without having to pay, we will suggest that you use the modified version of Cookie Run Kingdom on our website instead. Here, we present the modified app with removed ads and unlimited in-game purchases, which will ensure that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Picture and sound quality


Here in Cookie Run Kingdom, Android players will find themselves enjoying cute cookie pictures with cute and delicious characters, interesting cookie house models, amazing in-game visual effects, and much more. In addition, attractive battles with great animations, powerful fighting physics, and amazing effects will surely keep you hooked on the game.

In addition, with fully customizable graphics, the game will make sure that you can always enjoy exciting cookie adventures without facing any problems. Feel free to adjust the graphics settings to suit your interests and your specific Android devices. The game offers great graphics for high-end models and visual settings suitable for the low end, so you can always enjoy lag-free gameplay.

sound and music

Besides the great graphics, Cookie Run Kingdom also features an amazing soundtrack to keep you fully connected to the in-game experiences. Feel free to explore the different options of voiceovers that will allow you to play the game with an interesting character narration. The powerful sound effects are sure to make the in-game battles even more exciting.

last thoughts

With its simple and laid-back gameplay, Cookie Run Kingdom allows Android players to quickly engage in their addictive in-game experiences. Feel free to enjoy playing this addictive mobile title of idle battle simulator, kingdom building, cookie adventure, and more. In addition, the captivating stories with exciting adventures will surely keep you fully connected to the game for hours on end.