Causes of Singapore Pulling ABC Sambal Sauce and ABC Sweet Soy Sauce Products – – The Cause of Singapore Withdrawing ABC Sambal Sauce And ABC Sweet Soy Sauce. The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) withdrew three products from the market due to their allergen content. Two of these products come from Indonesia, namely ABC sweet soy sauce and ABC fried chicken chili sauce.

The Head of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM RI) Penny K Lukito immediately checked Singapore’s findings regarding the allergen content of sulfur dioxide and benzoic acid in sweet soy sauce and Singapore ABC chili sauce. He could not confirm whether there was a risk behind the withdrawal.

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Allergens are compounds in food ingredients that can trigger allergies or immune system reactions. Consumers who have allergies can be at risk of experiencing a number of sensitive reactions.

“Eating allergens can cause allergic reactions in individuals who are sensitive to their ingredients,” the SFA said.

SFA recalled ABC sweet soy sauce which had been imported by New Intention Trading, with an expiration date of June 26, 2024. Meanwhile, the ABC fried chicken chili sauce imported was imported by distributor Arkligfe, with an expiration date of January 6, 2024.

In its statement, the SFA detailed that both ABC branded products contained sulfur dioxide. In addition, SFA also detected the presence of benzoic acid which was not mentioned on the ABC fried chicken chili sauce packaging label.

Even so, SFA said that the levels of sulfur dioxide and benzoic acid detected in the two products were within the limits allowed in foodstuffs.

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While one other product is Fuktoku Seika Soft Cream Wafer from Japan. This product also contains egg white and wheat flour allergens that are not mentioned in the ingredients.

The product was imported by Sinhua Hock Kee Trading and has an expiration date of April 20, 2023. The recall of the three products is still ongoing.

The allergen content of sulfur dioxide, egg white, and wheat flour does not generally cause food safety problems for consumers, except for those who are allergic to these compounds.

However, according to Singapore’s food regulations, products containing fuels known to cause hypersensitivity must be listed on food packaging labels.

“All ingredients in packaged foods must also be listed on the product label in order of proportion by weight,” the SFA wrote.

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“Consumers who have purchased the affected product, and who are allergic to the allergen, should not consume it. Consumers can contact their place of purchase for questions,” he concluded.