Achieve Financial Freedom Through Social Steps! Achieve Financial Freedom Through Social Steps!, Everyone wishes to achieve financial independence. The reason for this is that numerous things must be done and understood in order to reach financial independence.

Not everyone understands financial literature and is prone to following trends. This is what frequently leads to poor investment or development decisions.

TaniFund, a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform founded in 2017, focused on facilitating access to cash for farmers and MSME companies.

Achieve Financial Freedom Through Social Steps

TaniFund will introduce an Android application in 2021 to make it easier for financiers to make funding decisions and facilitate access to cash for farmers and MSME enterprises. TaniFund can help you attain financial independence!

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Starting to commit to reaching financial freedom does not have to begin with a negative and incorrect experience. You might begin by first identifying yourself by educating yourself. Here’s what you can find out.

1. Understand Your Financial Situation

Before you may finance or invest, you must be able to measure your monthly financial stability. How much money do you spend each month, and do you have any savings saved away for future emergencies?

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Knowing your financial situation from the start is the best way to subsequently determine how much money you can set aside for investing.

2. Monthly Budget

Despite the fact that creating a monthly budget might be beneficial, it is sometimes disregarded. You become more self-aware. You can apply the 10-20-30-40 concept with successive allocations to needs for good, future installments.

There are many additional principles, such as 50-30-20, which deal with the distribution of requirements, wants, and savings. You should be more diligent in saving and remembering the future with this proportion of financial utilization.

Remember that financial independence does not come easily! You must implement it with consistency, calculation, and budget allocation based on needs.

3. The SMART technique

The SMART technique, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time, is highly recognized in the corporate sector.

If you use this strategy throughout your life, you will be able to achieve demonstrable financial security. The use of this strategy can educate you how to obtain financial security.

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Such as from various enterprises, talent enhancement, or the use of various investment instruments to peer-to-peer lending (P2P lending).

4. Peer-to-peer lending

P2P lending systems can be used to supplement your present finances. Many millennials are beginning to contemplate utilizing a P2P lending platform to get more income. Furthermore, you may only start funding P2P lending with IDR 100,000.

When using a P2P lending platform, however, various business factors must be addressed, including the risk profile of the target borrower. So, the greatest advise is to learn about the company sector or need you are attempting to finance.

5. Improve Your Skills and Personality

Of course, it is no longer a secret that in order to obtain financial security, you must improve your talents and personality. Why? This is an investment that will undoubtedly pay off in the long run.

So, never stop investing in yourself. To attain financial independence, you can also expand your abilities so that you can open up additional streams of income through other skills you possess.

TaniFund Provides Measurable Risk Impact Funding

TaniFund’s impactful funding is really active in the agricultural sector, such as cultivation to MSMEs in the food industry. As an agricultural country, Indonesia has enormous potential for developing its agricultural and food industries.

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Indeed, the function of farmers has an influence on our lives, with Indonesia aiming to become the world’s food barn by 2045. To fulfill this common goal, we must examine Indonesia’s current resources.

According to TaniFund study, 61% of farmers are over 45 years old, 74% still use conventional equipment, and 54% have a land size of less than 0.3 hectare.

The usage of technology in the commercialization process is also relatively low, since 87% of farmers do not understand how to use cellphones.

Furthermore, financial management and profitability are still not optimized; nearly 97% of farmers do not compute the maximum profit.

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