16 Best Blue Chip Stock Lists On IDX

For those of you who are interested in investing, of course you want to know what terms are in the capital market. One of them is to pay attention to the list of blue chip stocks which many people have been waiting for because they are recognized as having a higher probability.

Not only by self-study, most novice investors also choose to apply the advice of the experts broker and trader expert. Of course, their recommendations become one of the learning materials when they want to start playing in the capital market.

Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic like this, stocks blue chip also considered very good to invest. Because the position of interest is dropping from their highest price offer. Of course this news is very interesting for many people, especially for beginners when they want to try it.

Shares blue chip those on the Indonesia Stock Exchange are also considered good to buy. This is because the shares come from large and well-known companies. its performance also certainly has a good reputation when traded because it has quite a lot of enthusiasts.

Before choosing it, you are also obliged to know what exactly is meant by a stock blue chip the. This is important to understand so that when you actually play stock, you don’t only use feelings but also knowledge and skills.

Definition of What is Blue Chip Stock

2021 blue chip stock list

Given that playing stocks is actually also training skill in many ways, especially the skill of estimating the price as well as the skill. For this reason, a beginner must be diligent in learning many things before plunging directly into the capital market.

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It is important to understand is the meaning of shares blue chip. This term is defined as the shares of a company that is healthy and financially stable. Its performance will continue to be consistent in reporting its bookkeeping, whether it is experiencing an increase or decrease.

Shares blue chip It is also considered to have a fairly large market capitalization because it is a leader in a certain sector. For example, the company Telkom with the issuer code TLKM is considered to have a low risk of loss because it has controlled the telecommunications industry in the country.

PT Telkom Indonesia also always reports its financial results as well as gives special awards to shareholders. Share blue chip This company property is considered safe and consistent because it provides returns in the future.

Features of Blue Chip Stocks

characteristics of blue chip stocks

Stocks that are included in the blue chip category are stocks that are reliable and favored on the IDX or the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The shares that are included in the Blue Chip have the following characteristics:

Have Good Fundamentals

The first characteristic of Blue Chip stocks is that they have good fundamentals. To become a company that has good fundamentals is not an easy thing. Because apart from being seen from the performance of the company, it is also seen from how long the company has been in existence.

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Shares of companies that include Blue Chip and have good fundamentals are usually able to get through various kinds of crises and are able to get through them. Therefore, it is important to know the latest blue chip stock list.

Balanced Liabilities and Assets

The next characteristic is to have a balance of liabilities and assets. To achieve a goal, companies usually make debt loans to various financial institutions. If the company is a blue chip, then if the debt is large, the assets will also be large so that it can be covered with assets.

Blue Chip companies will also be able to pay off debts according to pre-determined procedures and schedules.

Big Market Capitalization

Blue Chip companies usually have a characteristic that is they have a large market capitalization, usually above 10 trillion. Therefore, it is not surprising that stocks that fall into the Blue Chip category are often hunted by foreign investors.

For stock investors who are beginners, it is advisable to have this type of stock. The reason is so that the investment you make can run safely and in the long term, so that profits will always be obtained later.

Traded Frequently

Another feature of Blue Chip stocks is that they are often traded on the stock market. Blue Chip shares will often be the target of investors both from within the country or even abroad because they have the potential to get very high profits.

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Blue Chip stocks are also often traded on the IDX, making them one of the easiest stocks to exchange for currency. This type of stock is also known as liquid stock.

Often Share Dividends

The last characteristic in stocks that include Blue Chip is the frequent distribution of dividends to investors. Dividends are distributed at least once a year, it could be twice a year depending on how much profit the company gets.

To be able to determine stocks that fall into the Blue Chip category, you need to continuously monitor the latest blue chip stock list either from the IDX directly or various other sources, such as on this site.

Latest Blue Chip Stock List

blue chip stock list

The Indonesia Stock Exchange has listed more than 600 listed shares. The IDX’s official website always releases the most recent information in the last few months regarding the list. You can make it a recommendation when you want to choose it.

BBCA – Bank Central Asia

BCA is the largest private bank in Indonesia and is even known to provide the best service. The company’s ATM network is also very wide so that the number of its customers has reached millions. Its management is considered so efficient that it is proven in ROA (Return on Assets).

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BCA shares with issuer code BBCA also have a volume of 11,378,100 shares at the last closing price of Rp 30,225. Meanwhile, on April 30, 2019, BCA recorded a total cash dividend in 2018 of IDR 8.3 trillion. BBCA is currently the choice of many investors.

UNVR – Unilever Indonesia

Unilever as a corporation consumer goods the largest in Indonesia is also very famous. With so many products spread throughout the market, the movement of its shares is also considered quite consistent. Some of them such as Rexona and Royco are his original brands.

Profits from Unilever itself show an increase every year to reach Rp 9 trillion per year 2018. The ROE also proves that the company’s ability to generate profits at equity to be further given to shareholders.

TLKM – Indonesian Telecommunications

It has been mentioned before, that this TLKM stock is indeed one of the shares blue chip best in Indonesia. This giant BUMN-owned company stands in the field of telecommunications services which has long served the people of the country. Its market capitalization has crossed 313.4 trillion

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TLKM with its consistency is able to achieve a net profit from year to year despite Indonesia’s unstable economic conditions. The company’s ROE also continues to grow to 22.03 percent, which is good news.

ICBP – PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk

PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk is a company that produces instant noodles which is very well known in Indonesia. The high population of the country’s citizens is one of the factors when sales of these products always soar along with various taste and packaging innovations.

The company’s ability to develop in a very tight market competition certainly has an impact on the development of its shares. Many experts say that stocks blue chip from food manufacturers is considered very safe, especially Indofood’s because it is already well-known in Indonesia.

BBRI – Bank Rakyat Indonesia

Shares owned by Bank Rakyat Indonesia also tend to attract the attention of many investors because they have a fairly good performance. BBRI is considered quite active in trading on the stock exchange so that it becomes the main choice for most people in the Indonesian Stock Exchange market.

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BBRI shares also have a market capitalization which is considered quite fantastic at IDR 372.35 trillion as of March 31, 2020. The number of shares of this company stands at 123,345,810,000. The performance of BRI’s shares is known to have a strong commitment in providing credit loans.

BMRI – Bank Mandiri Persero

Stock performance blue chip Bank Mandiri Persero in 2019 also managed to record a net profit of IDR 27.5 trillion. The increase is known to reach 9.9% compared to the previous year. This performance is said to be quite stable for the company.

Bank Mandiri has also become one of the leading banks in Indonesia, thus showing consistency in its performance. This performance is able to predict that the stock blue chip their property is always at a stable level without any risk of substantial losses in the future.

PGAS – PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk PGN

Perusahaan Gas Negara is referred to as a national company in Indonesia that focuses on the transportation and distribution of natural gas. The focus of their work is to play a role in meeting the needs of natural gas in the domestic area. Currently, the government owns at least 56.96 percent of the total shares.

PGAS shares actually experienced a decline to Rp 605 per share. Of course this is an opportunity for stock hunters blue chip when PGAS made it through that period. Many of the company’s accounting reports always show an increase

In addition to the list of blue chip stocks above, there are several lists of other blue chip stocks, namely:

  • Gudang Garam – GGRM
  • Ace Hardware Indonesia – ACES
  • Adaro Energy – ADRO
  • Various Songs – ANTM
  • Astra International – ASII
  • Acid Proof – PTBA
  • Pakuon Jati – PWON
  • Vale Indonesia – INCO
  • AKR Corporindo – AKRA


That was a list of 2021 blue chip stocks that you can make options when entering the stock market. Of course, with the name of the term in a well-known company, making traffic movements tend to never experience a decline for a long time.

Thus the discussion this time, hopefully it can be very useful for all of you and don’t forget to share it on your respective social media so that other stock players find out the list of this latest blue chip stock easily.